Drama Intensifies on Episode 5 of 'The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition' with Another Candidate Eliminated

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Drama Intensifies on Episode 5 of 'The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition' with Another Candidate Eliminated

“The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition” returned on Thursday, 15 April, with Episode 5. 

This week, ONE Heavyweight World Champion Brandon “The Truth” Vera joined Karate World Champion “Super” Sage Northcutt to lead the remaining candidates through their most challenging physical task yet. 

ONE Championship Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong, with Advisor Niharika Singh by his side, made a shocking announcement. He revealed that the winner of the show would be named ONE’s new Chief of Staff. 

Physical Challenge: Dragon Boat Racing 

Teams participated in a best-of-three Dragon Boat Race down Kallang River, which tested the candidates’ physical strength, mental endurance, and teamwork. Needless to say, the challenge pushed everyone to the limit. 

With three extra members on Team Conquest, Kexin, Paulina, and Joy sat on the sidelines. 

Northcutt served as Captain for Team Conquest, with Clinton, Niraj, Jessica, and Nazee rowing, while Vera led Team Valor, with Louie, Irina, Monica, and Eugene rowing. 

Team Conquest swept the series 2-0 behind a strong group effort. On the other side, Eugene let Team Valor down by stopping multiple times to rest in the heat. 

Business Challenge: Create a Hybrid Product Concept 

For this week’s business challenge, candidates were whisked away to the stunning Jewel Changi Airport, where they were tasked to fuse two retail brands, The Shirt Bar and Bengawan Solo, and launch a collaborative product. Before the challenge began, Paulina was transferred to Team Valor. 

With her depth of experience in retail, Monica stepped up for Team Valor as Project Manager. The group came up with “Esensi,” a line of scented candles featuring five of Bengawan Solo’s signature flavors, which was combined with the detailed customer experience of The Shirt Bar. 

After some politicking between Nazee and Jessica, Team Conquest eventually settled on Joy as Project Manager. The group created “The Heritage Collection,” a hybrid product line that consisted of a table book, a mobile phone app, and kitchenwear. 

Joining Chatri and Niharika in the pitching phase was special guest judge Ankiti Bose, the CEO of Zilingo and India’s most successful female entrepreneur, who at just 23 years old built a billion-dollar global e-commerce company. 

Chatri was impressed by Team Conquest’s concept, but Bose felt there wasn’t enough integration between the two brands. Also, Niharika pointed out a lack of clarity in the launch plan. 

Chatri called Team Valor’s product “outstanding,” but he was appalled by the concept’s execution, citing cheap packaging and a lack of excellence. 

After the presentations, both teams headed to the boardroom. 

The Boardroom: One More Goes Home 

Team Valor’s more fluid design concept and the group’s overall cohesiveness brought them victory in the end. Chatri praised Paulina’s robust launch plan. 

Team Conquest’s product concept just missed the mark. Their increasing internal conflict was put front and center. Niraj called Nazee and Clinton selfish and self-centered, as well as poor on values. Clinton was blamed for a disaster of a launch plan. 

In an attempt to protect Nazee from elimination, Joy brought Clinton and Kexin to the chopping block despite Kexin pulling most of the team’s weight.  

Chatri and Niharika saw right through Joy’s politicking, calling her a pawn and then eliminating the Singaporean candidate from the competition. 

More information on “The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition” and How to Watch can be found athttps://www.onefc.com/the-apprentice 

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