Johor Sultan among sponsors for 'Visit Malaysia' logo on Cardiff City shirt, Tan reveals

Oleh Bernama 8 Jun 2018 252
Johor Sultan among sponsors for 'Visit Malaysia' logo on Cardiff City shirt, Tan reveals
Vincent Tan said Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar sponsored up to three million pound sterling (approximately RM5,339,915) in the last three years since 2015 to maintain the ‘Visit Malaysia’ logo on the Cardiff City jersey.

During a press conference held on Thursday, the club owner revealed the Sultan of Johor was among the sponsors for the logo, saying, "His Majesty is not helping Cardiff City; rather, it is more to promote the country."

Cardiff City under manager Neil Warnock are set to compete in the 2018/19 English Premier League alongside Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool following its promotion from the EFL Championship.

Tan also expressed hope that the new Tourism Minister would consider working together with his club to further promote Malaysia's tourism industry.
"Barcelona star Luis Suarez is currently the ambassador for Tourism Malaysia, but when he is playing football, it does not tell people that he is the Tourism Malaysia ambassador, and I think you can't beat the ‘Visit Malaysia’ logo," he said.

"When Cardiff City play in the English Premier League wearing jerseys with the ‘Visit Malaysia’ logo as the main sponsor, 4.8 billion people around the world will see it."

Tan also said that many people presumed the Tourism Ministry as the sponsor behind the ‘Visit Malaysia’ logo, but it was actually for only one season in 2013-14.

"They paid for just one year when we were in the English Premier League. 

"So now, we are back in the league again and we hope the new minister will take it into consideration, and they should contribute because we have to spend a lot of money in the English Premier League," he added.

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