Man United star Rashford helps charity reach another major milestone

Oleh Ryan Benson 12 Jun 2020 34
Man United star Rashford helps charity reach another major milestone

Manchester United star Marcus Rashford has helped FareShare reach its goal of supplying three million meals to vulnerable people in the United Kingdom by the end of June.

Rashford, 22, has been championed throughout the coronavirus pandemic for his commitment to helping those in need through charitable causes.

The England international has been getting involved in online gaming tournaments for charity and reserving United tickets for workers in the UK's National Health Service.

But arguably his most significant work has been with the charity FareShare, who, with Rashford's help have now reached the point where they will be able to provide a huge number vulnerable people in the UK with food.

He insists there is much work still to be done, though, and pledged to continue helping such causes for as long as there are British children without access to meals.

Writing on his official Twitter account on Thursday, he said: "Guys, I have AMAZING news!! We had a goal that by end of June FareShare would be able to supply 3million meals to vulnerable people across the UK.

"TODAY we have met the financial goal to provide these meals. Thank you all SO much for the support.

"And whilst I'm celebrating this, there is SO much more to do. Trust me when I say, I will keep fighting until no child in the UK has to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

"This is England in 2020 and families need help."

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