Garcia rises from canvas to knock out Campbell

Oleh Samuel Green 3 Januari 2021 18
Garcia rises from canvas to knock out Campbell

Ryan Garcia came through his biggest test yet after recovering from a knock down to beat Luke Campbell by stoppage in Dallas, Texas.

Garcia was crowned WBC interim lightweight champion after a devastating left hook to Campbell's body finished the Englishman off 1 minute 58 seconds into the seventh round.

The 22-year-old lightweight made it 21 straight pro wins in a thrilling contest but it was far from a smooth victory against the 33-year-old in the American Airlines Center.

After the rising star was carried to ringside on a throne, 'King Ry' was dropped for this first time in his career with a stunning left hand from Campbell in the second round.

Garcia offered a quick response and continued as the aggressor, almost knocking Campbell down at the close of the fifth but 'Cool Hand' hit the ropes and was saved by the bell.

The perfectly-placed finishing blow sunk the Olympic gold medallist to the canvas as Garcia recorded a fifth straight knockout since teaming up with gym-mate Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez.

"Yo, I got dropped, this is crazy," Garcia told DAZN.

"I’ve never been dropped in my life. I think I got a little too excited over the moment.

"I knew I was in control.. and I thought I could just crack him, but he cracked me.

"So I had to adjust and just say ‘I’m going to calm down’ because I knew I could beat him.

"I had to get back up and show everybody what a warrior really is like."

Garcia landed 94 punches to Campbell’s 74 and, as expected, the Californian led the power punch count by 77 to 51 in the contest that was supposed to take place in December.

After thrilling his 7.8 million Instagram followers by landing his 18th career knockout, Garcia believes he showed his true value as boxer.

"They wanted to show me as a social media fighter," he added.

"Anybody who puts you down, remember you’re not who people tell you who you are.

"You are who you choose to be. I chose to be a champion tonight."

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