NBA playoffs 2019: Spurs legend David Robinson happy to see Kawhi Leonard succeeding

Oleh Thomas Lott 14 Mei 2019 17
NBA playoffs 2019: Spurs legend David Robinson happy to see Kawhi Leonard succeeding

It has to be hard for Spurs fans and former players to see Kawhi Leonard dominating like he is for the Raptors.

He hit one of the biggest shots in NBA history in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference semifinals on Sunday while San Antonio had to sit and watch from the couch after its first-round elimination.

But as difficult as that may be for fans and the organization, one Spurs legend was simply happy to see the old Kawhi on the court dominating like he did in San Antonio.

"I still love him, I think he's incredible," Hall of Famer and Spurs legend David Robinson told Omnisport on Monday, courtesy of Johnsonville. "I think he's a good kid, a good young guy and he's figuring things out.

"You know, I didn't like the way he ended with us but I'm not mad at him about it, I mean, it's over, and I think for us, we watch him play and hope he does well.

"So I'm glad to see him 100 percent healthy and I'm happy to see him back to performing back at the level where we all know he can."

That level Leonard is performing at is in rarefied air. The three-time All-Star scored 243 points in the Raptors' series win over the 76ers tallying 44.6 percent of his team's production with 41 in Game 7 alone.

The 243 points are the most in a seven-game series by a single player since Michael Jordan in 1993 and the 44.6 percent of his team's points in Game 7 is the most ever by a single player in such a game.

"He showed that he was very capable of doing that (in San Antonio) and (Sunday) he did what he had to do to win," Robinson said. "It was just an incredible performance and kudos to the man for (doing it).

"It's not easy to rise to the occasion like that when you absolutely have to."

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