Coronavirus: Cowboys coach Green in rallying call over NRL restart

By Russell Greaves 23 April 2020 1
Coronavirus: Cowboys coach Green in rallying call over NRL restart

North Queensland Cowboys coach Paul Green has urged NRL teams to "deal with it and get on with it" if they are obliged to relocate in order for the competition to resume safely.

Australian Rugby League commissioner Wayne Pearce said on Wednesday that a return on May 28 was "definite", with fixtures having halted in March as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, issues over interstate and international travel – with New Zealand Warriors involved in NRL – still need to be addressed, with one suggestion being that teams relocate to a central hub in New South Wales.

Green conceded it would be a significant undertaking for his team and staff, but noted the need for sacrifice in such challenging times.

"It's a big commitment to relocate the whole club – players and staff," Green said on Thursday.

"But if you look at everything going on at the moment, life's not fair. There's a number of different industries where this situation has absolutely wreaked havoc.

"There's been some tough lessons learned over the last few weeks. Everyone realises now how and why we get paid, and that's to get back on the paddock and play football.

"Everyone's trying to do their best to get that up and running again within doing it safely and following the guidelines from the government.

"I think the fact we can get ourselves back on the playing field is everyone's priority at the moment.

"Will it all be fair if teams have to relocate? Probably not, but it is what it is. If we want to get the footy back on board we need to deal with it and get on with it."

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