Burrow inspired by Doddie Weir after motor neurone disease diagnosis

By Ben Spratt 20 December 2019 5
Burrow inspired by Doddie Weir after motor neurone disease diagnosis

Leeds Rhinos great Rob Burrow said he was inspired by former rugby union star Doddie Weir to raise awareness for motor neurone disease (MND).

Burrow, who won the Super League eight times with Leeds, announced on Thursday he had been diagnosed with MND.

Ex-Scotland union international Weir confirmed his own diagnosis in June 2017 and has since sought to raise awareness for the disease.

Weir received BBC Sport's Helen Rollason Award "for outstanding achievement in the face of adversity" last week, and he has already made contact with Burrow.

"I saw Doddie get the award on Sunday night and watched his documentary on Monday - it was inspiring before even meeting him," Burrow said.

"In fact, if I hadn't have met him, I was still inspired enough to kick on.

"Me talking to Doddie was amazing, so if I could do that in a year's time for somebody that's just started, that's great. Awareness is massive - in 10 years' time, they might heal somebody and find a cure, so I'm keen to help."

He added on Weir: "His mindset is unbelievable. He said the best medicine or medication is positive thinking."

Weir wrote on Twitter: "I met with @Rob7Burrow last night and offered him whatever help and support he might need at what is a difficult time for him.

"Meeting another sportsman suffering from MND has strengthened my resolve to help find a solution to this condition."

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