Amir Khan Recalls The Invaluable Lesson That 2020 Taught Him

By One Championship 7 January 2021 6
Amir Khan Recalls The Invaluable Lesson That 2020 Taught Him

Amir Khan’s never give up attitude is evident both inside and outside of competition. 

Whether contesting a fellow lightweight in the ONE Championship Circle or battling the outside forces lying in wait, he constantly presses forward looking for the professional and personal win. 

Even when victory alludes him, he always extracts important lessons that he can use to improve himself. 

This was the case for Khan looking back on an uncertain 2020. 

“I really understand how to enjoy the present,” Khan said. 

“In the past, I’ve always looked forward to the future, always wanting the future to happen so I can have a better life or enjoy life more. 

“Right now, I learned how to enjoy the moment more. That was a big, big change in my mindset, and a big change in my growth – just simply enjoying the present.” 

It’s a solid message sent from an otherwise shaky year. While trying to contend with the COVID-19 pandemic, Khan went 1-2 in ONE Championship in 2020 and lost his father to brain cancer. 

Khan has already shown that he can overcome setbacks in the ring, but learning how to value the time he has with family and close friends is something the previous year has recently taught him. 

“I always knew family was important, but because of this pandemic, you’re only seeing your family and your close friends. I feel we should cherish each other more,” he said. 

“And also, because of my dad’s diagnosis, it’s like no matter how much money you earn, I feel like health and family is the most important thing in the world.” 

With that said, the Singaporean took away one important, yet very simple lesson, from last year. 

“I try to live every moment, enjoy every moment, every day,” Khan said. “This is what 2020 has taught me.” 

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