The big Friday Premier League quiz

By Omnisport 10 May 2019 85
The big Friday Premier League quiz

Tired of your mates recycling the same old football trivia questions from years gone by?

Bring them bang up to date and get them guessing with our Opta-powered Premier League quiz.

All the answers are at the bottom of the page, so you can claim the high ground when it comes to statistical knowledge!


1. Victory at Brighton and Hove Albion will guarantee Manchester City are Premier League champions, regardless of Liverpool's result. But who were the latest team to retain the title, and what season was that?

2. Going into the final weekend of the Premier League season, one forward involved in the title race has scored 16 goals in home games – the most in the division. But who is it?

3. Chelsea, who go to Leicester City on the last day, hold the record for the biggest win on the closing day of a Premier League season. Who did they hammer to secure the 2009-10 league title – and what was the score?

4. Tough one, this. Four Arsenal players have scored a hat-trick on the last day of the Premier League season. Can you name them?

5. Cardiff City's Neil Warnock has been to Old Trafford four times as a manager – and lost each match. Who are the clubs he's lost to Manchester United with?



1. Manchester United in 2008-09.
2. Sadio Mane (Liverpool).
3. Wigan Athletic, 8-0.
4. Freddie Ljungberg in 2002-03, Thierry Henry in 2005-06, Theo Walcott in 2014-15 and Olivier Giroud in 2015-16.
5. Notts County in 1991, Bury in 1998, Sheffield United in 2007 and Crystal Palace in 2014.

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