Three questions the Raptors will have to answer this offseason

By Thomas Lott 14 June 2019 4
Three questions the Raptors will have to answer this offseason

The Raptors won their first title in franchise history Thursday and now they have some serious questions to answer.

They're all obvious. We won't lie to you. 

But hey, we still have them for you because it's fun to do this kind of thing.

Here are three questions the Raptors have to answer this offseason

Will Kawhi Leonard be in Toronto?

This might be the No. 1 question in all of the NBA this offseason after it was announced Kevin Durant had ruptured his Achilles. Leonard is the best player on the free-agent market and the Raptors have him — for now.

So, did Toronto do enough this season to convince Leonard to stay? Or will he move on to another team?

Whatever the star forward decides will determine the team's future going forward. If he re-signs, the Raptors are instantly a favorite to get back to the NBA Finals. If he leaves, they may have to start building around Pascal Siakam.

Do they want to keep Marc Gasol?

Marc Gasol is a great defender, a good offensive player and has been a pivotal part of the Raptors' postseason run. But is he a player Toronto wants to bring back?

He struggled to fit into the team's push-the-pace offense for a good portion of the playoffs and will be going into his age-35 season next year. He has a player option for 2019-20, so he could simply opt in and come back, but it remains to be seen if he even wants to do that.

So, was he just a rental or is he part of the team's future?

What do you do with Danny Green?

Danny Green is another player who ran into some problems at times this season, but he's always been someone who is a bit streaky.

He will be a free agent after this year, but he's a valuable 3-point shooter and defender.

But, he'll be 32 next year and it may be more logical to bring in a younger player to match what he does on the floor. Younger players, however, haven't been where Green has. He's a veteran of 123 playoff games and has made appearances in three NBA Finals. Odds are those stats won't be on the open market.

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