Kevin Durant is Warriors' best player, Kyrie Irving says

By Chelsea Howard 17 June 2018 12
Kevin Durant is Warriors' best player, Kyrie Irving says

There's been some debate as to who is the Warriors' best player as the team is coming off another NBA championship and Celtics star Kyrie Irving is the latest to offer up an opinion. 

During an apperance on The Bill Simmons Podcast earlier this week, Irving said Durant is "on an incredible team, but he's also the best player on the team." 

Irving's comments are telling as there was a bit of controversy when Durant won NBA Finals MVP over Stephen Curry. He also received the honor after last year's championship.

“I love playing against him, but I also love watching him. He has a presence about him that is really unassuming, but he dominates games," Irving said, per

"Thirty-plus [points] is easy for him, but then you get 10 assists [from him] some games, eight assists, or 14 rebounds he had in the Finals, or Game 4 where he had the triple-double, and he’s just working on his craft. I think that in itself was like, 'OK, I got the championship, now I just want to work on my craft.'" 

Since winning the title, Durant has faced criticism with many saying he "ruined the NBA" after he signed with the star-studded Warriors in 2016, including players like Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, who were already on the roster. 

Irving was willing to defend Durant, though, saying he supports his decision.

"And now, of course … everyone just starts attacking, like, 'Oh, you’re not enough, you’re not this, you’re not that.' And it’s just, bro, give it a break. Like, seriously, give it a break. Let it go, man," Irving said. 

"I was happy for him. At the end of the day, if you can control your experience, he wanted that. So I’m not the one to be opposing in any way of someone making a decision for their life."

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