Kawhi Leonard trade rumors: Spurs 'remain stubborn,' Clippers' assets aren't enough

By Chelsea Howard 8 July 2018 3
Kawhi Leonard trade rumors: Spurs 'remain stubborn,' Clippers' assets aren't enough

As speculation continues as to where Spurs star Kawhi Leonard might land next, it doesn't appear we'll have an answer any time soon. 

Reports have surfaced naming the Lakers, Celtics, 76ers and Clippers as serious contenders in trade talks with San Antonio, but it doesn't mean the Spurs are going to agree on what those teams have to offer for the two-time All-Star.

The Spurs are reportedly remaining "extremely stubborn, unwilling to budge even a little" with Leonard, according to Yahoo Sports Insider Jordan Shultz, citing one general manager. The report adds that the Spurs "could care less if their 27-year-old superstar is unhappy" and San Antonio is "not in a rush to move him if their asking price — regardless of team — is not met." 

The 76ers and Celtics have reportedly kept their top players "off limits" with Philadelphia not willing to trade Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz while "Boston's more willing to do a deal that's (draft) pick-heavy," according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

As for the Clippers, ESPN's Michael C. Wright reported that they aren't offering enough to help the Spurs rebuild.

"I talked to people within the Spurs organization, and they’re like, 'Well, yeah. He wants to go to the Clippers, but their assets are s— at this point.' That’s what I was told," Wright explained. 

Leonard has expressed interest in playing for a team in Los Angeles, his hometown, but that doesn't necessarily mean that's where he will end up if the Spurs don't feel they're getting enough in return for their star.

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