Coronavirus: Kevin Love donates $100,000 to Cavs staff affected by NBA suspension

By Tom Webber 13 March 2020 20
Coronavirus: Kevin Love donates $100,000 to Cavs staff affected by NBA suspension

Kevin Love has donated $100,000 to Cleveland Cavaliers arena and support staff after the NBA suspended the season in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The league was put on hiatus on Wednesday after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert returned a positive test for COVID-19 ahead of their game against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Gobert's team-mate Donovan Mitchell has since confirmed he has contracted the virus, while the NCAA has cancelled March Madness in response to the pandemic.

When reacting to news of the suspension, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said a programme would be put in place to assist staff paid by the hour in the intervening period.

And five-time All-Star Love has done his bit to help people employed by the Cavs that could be hurt financially and emotionally.

"Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. And the fear and anxiety resulting from the recent outbreak of COVID-19 can be extremely overwhelming," Love wrote on Instagram.

"Through the game of basketball, we've been able to address major issues and stand together as a progressive league that cares about the players, the fans, and the communities where we work.

"I'm concerned about the level of anxiety that everyone is feeling and that is why I'm committing $100,000 through the @KevinLoveFund in support of the @Cavs arena and support staff that had a sudden life shift due to the suspension of the NBA season.

"I hope that during this time of crisis, others will join me in supporting our communities."


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The United States has seen 1,669 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 40 deaths, with president Donald Trump placing a ban on travel from 26 European countries for 30 days.

Love continued: "Pandemics are not just a medical phenomenon. They affect individuals and society on so many levels, with stigma and xenophobia being just two aspects of the impact of a pandemic outbreak.

"It's important to know that those with a mental illness may be vulnerable to the effects of widespread panic and threat. Be kind to one another. Be understanding of their fears, regardless if you don't feel the same. Be safe and make informed decisions during this time.

"And I encourage everyone to take care of themselves and to reach out to others in need – whether that means supporting your local charities that are cancelling events, or checking in on your colleagues and family."

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