Celtics top draft pick Robert Williams feels he's 'a great fit' with team

By Gabrielle McMillen 1 July 2018 1
Celtics top draft pick Robert Williams feels he's 'a great fit' with team

The Celtics seem thrilled to have snagged Robert Williams at No. 27 in the NBA Draft in June, but know he will take a little time to develop into a top player.

Williams, the 20-year-old center from Texas A&M, will begin practice Sunday with the Celtics’ summer league team and is expected to play next Friday.

“As I said from the beginning, it’s a great fit,” Williams said, via the Boston Globe. “I’m coming into a team that’s competing to be in the Finals. It’s a blessing. With the fans and city behind them, it makes it 10 times better. I feel like I fell in a great place.”

Williams was projected to be a top-15 pick, but tumbled down to the end of the first round, where the Celtics scooped him up. 

He didn't work out for a team nor participate on the advice on his representatives. He fired them and hired a new rep, which he said was exactly what he needed before the draft.

“I’m definitely excited,” he said. “Just getting in that first game to see what it’s like, see the intensity, level the game up. I’ve got no regrets, I’m standing right here.”

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said Williams' size and athleticism is exactly what the team needs.

“I think he has some real natural instincts with the game, not just an athlete, a very good feel as well. He has a 7-6 wingspan. I think that’s the wingspan Kendrick Perkins had. When you sit there and watch him spread out his wings, yeah, it’s pretty impressive. He plays very long, contests shots, he moves very well," Ainge said.

“Just been around him a few days. He’s a fun kid. He’s young but he’s got a lot of enthusiasm and energy, and I think gives us a shot of energy and excitement this year. He’s got a lot of potential, but he’s got to work and we’ve got a culture with great structure and really good examples of how you should do your job.”

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