Dear Nicol,

Even the legends call you their legend.


I cannot wait to write this letter to you.

I am so excited and full with pride to share with everyone your success story and that my friend is a legend.

Big congratulations for your record of 151th successive months in the world’s top 10.

That is about 12 and a half years being at your best in world of squash.

But now you might make some of us feel bad. Thinking what good and milestone we have achieved during these past period.

And you just like nobody’s business keep creating successes and histories.

Now I hope they understand why I want to show off that you are my friend.

How many of them can say, “I made Nicol David washed plates and cut onions”?

Great memories we had in Amsterdam and during our tournament tours.

When my squash legends said you are their legend, and you are also my legend, it puts me in overwhelm situation.

How to become people lah!

I have decided to call you my Best Legend!

6 times World Champion from Pakistan, Jahangir Khan said your achievement cannot be over-estimated. And for you to maintain this level of supremacy this long is truly remarkable.

Our idol, Sarah Fitz-Gerald who was one of the finest women squash player and 5 times World Champion complimented your amazing physical, emotional and mental strength to stay at the top and the Australian believe you are not done yet as you will create new milestones.

Dear Nicol, 8 times World Champion, World Number 1 for more than 9 years, and you were telling me that you are determine to climb back from 4 to 1 soon and now broke Britain’s Peter Nicol record as the longest world’s top 10, I want you to acknowledge all these fantastic results that you have created for yourself, squash and Malaysia because you deserve it.

As a former teammate, captain, senior, housemate and a friend, and most importantly a Malaysian, I am extremely proud of you.

But I am more proud that you are still the great girl with big heart that I met in the Junior Circuit when you were 7 years old.

I am blessed to be inspired by you my friend.

All the best!
Sharon Wee