After a thriller in the women's 100 metres final the night before, Sunday was all about the men.

Marcell Jacobs was the unexpected sprinter to emerge as the first men's gold winner in the marquee race of the Games in the post Usain Bolt era, on what turned into a glorious day for Italy.

Stats Perform's man on the ground, Peter Hanson, even showed some sprinting prowess himself to start his Sunday in Tokyo.

Find out why in the latest version of the Daily Diary...


Sunday was probably my busiest day at Tokyo 2020. I had tickets to the last day of the swimming in the morning, then entry to the athletics to watch the men's 100m final in the evening.

Pretty cool, right?

So, just for a second imagine being the guy waiting for his shuttle bus to arrive at 8.44am and two minutes before departure realising his accreditation is still in his hotel room.

Yes, yes I am that dense. So channelling my inner Usain Bolt, I made a mad dash to the elevator, sprinted down the corridor, hurriedly opened my hotel door, snatched my pass and raced back down.

I made it with seconds to spare... what were you worried about?


If that tale of fortune isn't enough for you, then try this one on for size...

On the way to the Aquatics Centre, I'm sat on the bus and I realise something is missing: one of my AirPods.

I cannot stress how annoying that was to me - I listen to music everywhere I go. More importantly, they were a Christmas gift from my girlfriend who I assured: “Don't worry I'll never lose these" (An important life lesson to you all there never to make promises you know in your heart you can't guarantee).

So, I'm there already searching out replacements when, just as I'm about to hop off the bus, I see it rolling around on the floor about two feet away. Good things come in threes folks, so I am definitely playing the lottery this week.


I've been lucky enough to spend four days at the Aquatics Centre during these Games.

There have been records broken, medals aplenty and stars born in Tokyo.

What I've enjoyed most about it, though, is the fact that it felt a little like normal thanks to the athletes being allowed to sit in the stands and cheer on their team-mates in the pool. It's nowhere near the same as packing the place out with fans, but at least it provided some semblance of an atmosphere.


Even now, as we approach the last week of Tokyo 2020, there are plenty of detractors.

But being in the Olympic Stadium this evening provided just a little reminder of why we love the Games.

The scenes as Gianmarco Tamberi and Jacobs - the former having won the long jump - celebrated their success was memorable, to say the least.

This Olympics needed a bit of a boost and it got one, courtesy of a pair of understandably excited Italian athletes. Just lovely to see.