The Olympics have officially been open for a week and Friday was all about the start of track and field.

These Games are flying by now, and the beginning of the athletics means we are on the home stretch.

As is Stats Perform's man on the ground, who took his first trip to the Olympic Stadium.

For more on that, and why he has a few lumps on his head, take a look at Friday's edition of the Daily Diary...


There have been a lot of great moments during my time in Tokyo.

But walking into the Olympic Stadium for the first time to catch Friday's morning session was one of the biggest thrills.

It is a glorious 68,000-seater structure and it's going to be some experience watching the 100m finals here over the weekend.

The only thing that left me feeling a little sad is the knowledge this place won't be packed to the rafters. It really deserves to full of screaming fans.


One of the best things about any Olympics is the fact some of the more unheralded athletes get to compete at the greatest sporting show on earth.

Take 18-year-old Charlotte Afriat, part of a small contingent representing Monaco in Tokyo, who ran in the women's 100m prelims.

And she had a particularly enthusiastic journalist fan in the press tribune, who welcomed her arrival with a hugely piercing and shrill whistle.

I absolutely love the enthusiasm, truly I do... just perhaps not at the expense of my eardrums!


Those who know me well are aware that I'm never more than a second away from making a fool of myself.

So, it will be of absolutely no surprise to those close to me to learn of my mishap in the media centre where I genuinely thought my adaptor plug was stuck in the socket.

Panic ensued as I need that little beauty to make sure my UK plug sockets (for my laptop, phone charger etc.) all work here in naturally I went to seek help at the help desk (funnily enough).

The really helpful (obviously, he was from the help desk) employee came over to my desk, twisted it to the right and pulled it out effortlessly...apparently there's some sort of lock system in place for adaptors I haven't been aware of over the past 10 days...

What's worse is a fellow UK-based journalist sat across me then chimed up with, "Oh yeah, I've struggled with that all week". Cheers mate, yeah, couldn't have mentioned that about five minutes ago, no?


If you've followed this diary from the start then by now you probably know I'm not the most athletic, or the sharpest tool in the box...I'm almost excruciatingly clumsy.

Basically I'm just not exactly spatially aware. I'm also only 5'8'', but that has not stopped me banging my head on every shuttle bus I've been on so far.

"Surely not EVERY bus" I hear you ponder (can you hear someone ponder?). I wish it were a lie, I just cannot seem to fathom that I need to duck before taking a seat.

Probably just years of not having to what with being a little vertically challenged.