Mercedes dominance makes F1 more boring - Scheckter

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Mercedes dominance makes F1 more boring - Scheckter

Former Ferrari star Jody Scheckter is not worried by Mercedes' continued dominance in Formula One, even if he accepts the sport has become "more boring" as a result.

Scheckter won the drivers' championship in 1979 during a nine-year career in which no F1 rival successfully defended their title.

That all changed with Alain Prost's back-to-back successes in the mid-1980s, while Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is the latest to win championships in consecutive seasons and is on track for a third in a row in 2019.

Scheckter preferred the back-and-forth nature of the sport during his own time, but he does not believe Hamilton's triumphs reflect badly on the competition.

And the South African is confident Ferrari, his former team, are always likely to be in the mix for titles, even if they have seen Mercedes record five straight one-twos in 2019.

"I think it is more boring in a way, for sure," Scheckter told Omnisport. "Is it less competitive? No, it's not, it's as competitive as it ever was.

"It has always been that, in history, where there has been a string of wins, there has always been two or three teams that were always dominant. It's normal - it's just the way it is, I suppose."

The Scuderia will look to bring themselves back into contention for this campaign at the Monaco Grand Prix this week and Scheckter hopes things could change quickly.

"You never know - you see how things change," he said.

"In the first races, I think Ferrari looked dominant. Mercedes now look dominant. Hopefully they will be able to give Mercedes a good run."

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