Don't try the deep-fried Mars bars! - Murray's friendly warning to Federer

By Peter Hanson 10 February 2017 4097
Don't try the deep-fried Mars bars! - Murray's friendly warning to Federer

Roger Federer will play on Scottish soil for the first time late this year and Andy Murray has some friendly advice for his rival - do not try the deep-fried Mars bars!

For the second year running, world number one Murray will be hosting a Unicef event in Glasgow and Federer, who won the 18th grand slam of his career at last month's Australian Open, has agreed to play at the exhibition event in November.

The evergreen 35-year-old has not played in Scotland before and Dunblane native Murray issued a playful word of warning regarding the country's infamous chocolatey treat.

"Don't try the fried Mars bars!" He joked.

"I tried one for first time last year it was horrific, stay away from that."

Asked if Federer should don a kilt for the occasion, Murray replied: "I think he already has. He did a little video where he's wearing a kilt when I played his event [last year]."

However, Murray has no plans of returning the favour and putting on the lederhosen, merely saying: "I don't think so, no."

Federer's victory in Melbourne was all the more impressive given he missed six months of action after knee surgery.

In the final, he and long-time rival Rafael Nadal - who had also needed an extended period off the court to recover from injury - turned back the clock to put on a five-set masterpiece and Murray believes lessons can be learned from their memorable run to the final.

"It's incredible what he did in Australia after such a long break, but tennis we obviously play so much a lot of the year and sometimes coming into events fresh can have a huge advantage," he said. 

"He and Rafa were both back from significant periods out and played extremely well, maybe something we can learn from moving forward."

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