'Absolute madness' - Czech boss shaken by Kvitova attack

By Sacha Pisani 21 December 2016 69
'Absolute madness' - Czech boss shaken by Kvitova attack

Czech Tennis Association president Ivo Kaderka was struggling to come to terms with the knife attack on Petra Kvitova that left the two-time Wimbledon champion with a severe hand injury.

Kvitova underwent surgery to repair damaged tendons and nerves on Tuesday after she was attacked by an intruder with a knife in her apartment in Prostejov.

The 26-year-old Czech will now miss the first gram slam of 2017, the Australian Open, and Kaderka hit out at the attacker as he called for guns to be distributed in a form of self-defence.

"I'm absolutely shocked and terribly shaken," Kaderka said.

"I consider this attack as absolute madness. Unfortunately the times we live in is strange. I keep my fingers crossed for Petra, hope she get well very soon. I hope the shock she experienced will not last long, she is strong, she'll get throw this, but this whole situation is unbelievable. I'm speechless.

"I was informed, that she is about to undergo the hand surgery, but no further detail. But cops should do their best now and find the criminal.

"This is clear evidence that the small firearms should be permitted. Every single person has to have the right to own small gun for their own protection. If a successful tennis player as Petra Kvitova, the Wimbledon champion, is not able to defend herself, something should be changed.

"She is a strong person as sportswoman, but a sensitive girl on the other hand, so when she was exposed to such an experience, there is no doubt, that this'll affect her for a long time, but she have to get throw this and we all will do everything to help her."

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