Jones-Buchanan jokes about WWE career as the 'Yorkshire Pudding'

By Christopher Devine 17 February 2017 160
Jones-Buchanan jokes about WWE career as the 'Yorkshire Pudding'

Leeds Rhinos forward Jamie Jones-Buchanan has jokingly suggested he could begin a wrestling career as the 'Yorkshire Pudding', after Eorl Crabtree said there was interest from the WWE in recruiting rugby league players.

Former Huddersfield Giants and England star Crabtree is the nephew of late wrestler Shirley Crabtree, who gained fame under the name 'Big Daddy'.

During BBC Radio 5 live's coverage of Thursday's Super League match between Huddersfield and Salford Red Devils, Crabtree revealed representatives of the WWE had been in touch with him and expressed a willingness to attract players from the 13-man code.

A laughing Jones-Buchanan interjected: "Don't forget about me, Eorl - I've got a few ideas."

Jones-Buchanan, 35, then added: "I'd love a go - I reckon I could get a few decent tag teams going ... the Yorkshire Pudding, that's what I'd call myself."

Elaborating on the WWE's apparent interest in rugby league players, Crabtree, who retired last November, had explained: "They got in touch with me through the RFL [Rugby Football League], funnily enough.

"They're very interested in my story with my uncle, Shirley Crabtree, who was Big Daddy. There's obviously that relationship there and they realised that I could potentially be a decent wrestler. Unfortunately, I'm a little bit too old for that, I'm a little bit past it, with my elbow especially, I'd never be a wrestler. 

"But they are keen for rugby league players to become wrestlers - a lot of people would probably laugh at that and snigger at rugby league players becoming professional wrestlers, it doesn't happen - but it is going to happen.

"Rugby players are used to being hit and being hurt and it doesn't worry them - they get up and get on with it.

"They [the WWE] are not after elite rugby players - but if there's an opportunity for one that is maybe not quite going to quite make the grade, athletes that are used to playing rugby are perfect for it."

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