SEA Games: Timor-Leste clinch first podium finish

By Seng Foo 28 August 2017 6551
SEA Games: Timor-Leste clinch first podium finish
With only two days remaining, Timor-Leste clinched their first medal of the 2017 SEA Games.

19-year-old Sonia Martins Soares, one of their four taekwondo exponents, shared a bronze medal finish with Indonesia's Dhean Titania in the finweight (below 46kg) kyorugi event on Monday.

Thailand's Julanan Khantikulanon and Vietnam's Truong Thi Kim Tuy took gold and silver respectively.

The 3.5m-populated nation have only sent a 50-strong contingent to the SEA Games, which is the smallest of all 11 participating Southeast Asian countries – the second-smallest contingent, Brunei, have 105.

Football (20) and volleyball (nine) players make up 58% of their total, while their other athletes, besides in taekwondo, are involved in aquatics, athletics, boxing, karate, pencak silat or weightlifting.

Here's the medal tally at the time of writing:

Two years ago in Singapore, Timor-Leste won one silver in taekwondo and one bronze in boxing.

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