WATCH: Rooney 'becomes a legend' in new Logan advert

By Joe Wright 16 February 2017 2283
WATCH: Rooney 'becomes a legend' in new Logan advert

Wayne Rooney has swapped the turf for the green screen once again by starring in a publicity video for the new Logan film, published by Manchester United's Twitter account.

The club captain has been seen treading the boards in the past for a commercial for a principle wine sponsor, as well as a similar promotional clip for X-Men: Apocalypse, the previous instalment in the Marvel movie franchise.

In Logan, Hugh Jackman's eponymous character - whose years of heroism have taken their toll on his battle-scarred body - takes on one last mission to prove that he still possesses something of his old mettle. And his metal, for that matter.

In the latest adapted trailer, footage of Jackman gearing up for one more fight is interspersed with mirroring clips of Rooney donning his kit over his own (slightly less convincingly) scarred frame, amid video, newspaper cuttings and soundbites questioning his ability to perform at the highest level for United at the age of 31.

Footage of Rooney's finest United moments promptly follow, alongside Logan's latest battle scenes, and the showpiece ends with the forward's record-breaking 250th United goal against Stoke City last month.

Whether this is likely to make any waves ahead of the Oscars in 11 days' time - or, indeed, if it matches up to the standard of the United squad as pilots for Independence Day: Resurgence last year - is something we'll leave to the viewers...

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