The big Friday Premier League quiz

By Omnisport 3 May 2019 82
The big Friday Premier League quiz

Tired of your mates recycling the same old football trivia questions from years gone by?

Bring them bang up to date and get them guessing with our Opta-powered Premier League quiz.

All the answers are at the bottom of the page, so you can claim the high ground when it comes to statistical knowledge!


1. Everton forward Richarlison has scored 13 Premier League goals this season. Only two Brazilian players have ever scored more in a single campaign. Who are they?


2. Which are the only two teams not to earn a single point away from home in the Premier League since the end of January?


3. Cardiff City will be relegated if they lose to Crystal Palace. How many times has Neil Warnock previously been relegated in his managerial career?

4. Liverpool have lost 10 away Premier League games against Newcastle United. Against which three teams have they lost more often on the road?

5. Manchester United have lost five away matches in a row in all competitions. When did they last lose six?



1. Roberto Firmino (15 in 2017-18) and Robinho (14 in 2008-09).
2. Huddersfield Town and Tottenham. Until the end of January, Spurs had won more away games (11), secured more away points (33) and scored more away goals (30) than any other Premier League side this season!
3. Twice - with Notts County in 1991-92, and Sheffield United in 2006-07.
4. Tottenham (12), Chelsea (14) and Manchester United (16).
5. February 1974. They were relegated that season.

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