Q&A with a Ballr global winner

By Azmin Mohd Khalib 31 March 2017 344
Q&A with a Ballr global winner

Fancy any of the above jerseys? Then get ready!

Today, we’re quite lucky to be able to spend a bit of time with Mr Syahrul Nellis. In Ballr’s first official week, Syahrul managed to score the most points for the Middlesbrough v Manchester United match, following MU, topping the charts globally and winning an MU jersey signed by Wayne Rooney!

Let’s see what he has to say, and we hope you’ll be inspired to win just like him!

1. On using the Ballr app

Firstly, I’d like to thank Azmin and Astro for this interview. Honestly, at first I didn’t understand how to use the Ballr app as I only installed it the day before the Boro v MU match. I didn’t have time to explore. Fortunately, the sharing of the Astro article on the Stadium Astro Facebook wall helped me figure it out. My understanding is a lot better now and it’s actually quite simple to use.

2. Did you play Ballr for other matches before the MU match? If so, what did you learn and make use of for the MU match?

Yes, as the old saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’. As mentioned earlier, I was quite confused with the Ballr app, having been used to the more orthodox fantasy manager systems. I chose the match between Arsenal vs WBA for testing. It didn’t go so well, so I continued with Everton vs Hull. For the MU game I admit I still looked at the Boro v MU as a learning process for me to get ‘the golden step’ for the next game but I guess I got lucky!

3. Who was the player you picked for the first slot and why

I chose Antonio Valencia… I was actually looking for a differential as well as advice from relatives and friends, particularly those from fantasy team Premier Elite such as Paddy, Jie Nie, Andy, James, Ashraf and Nicholas.

4. What was your strategy for players for slot 9 and 18?

For the first half I picked De Gea while for the second half I picked Antonio Valencia. The Valencia pick was because I was quite disappointed at his first half performance, so left him till the end for the second half. Honestly, it was a last resort decision to pick players for these slots, and amongst the remaining players, I just went for the player more likely to attack or defend to get more points.

5. What was the first thing you did upon discovering you had won the global prize?

Actually I was surprised to win it and I just thought I would win a normal MU jersey. So I actually started preparing for the next match between Manchester City and Liverpool which was also giving away jerseys!

6. What other advice would you like to give your friends?

For those veterans in classic fantasy football, I feel they won’t have a problem understanding Ballr, just that they need a bit of time to understand the player selection system and the scoring.

For me, the best way to play Ballr, and InsyaAllah, to win it is by following the actual games. Not only does it make it easier to pick the performing players when the slot opens but also to plan for other slots.

Based on my win the other day, I also feel there’s an advantage to have friends or family watching the game together. It allows use to share opinions and ideas to pick players. Also, tips shared by Stadium Astro should be put to good use.

That’s it from our winner, Syahrul Nellis. Happy hunting to all Ballr players in Malaysia!

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