Lampard: I've had Premier League offers

By Dejan Kalinic 28 January 2017 184
Lampard: I've had Premier League offers

Chelsea great Frank Lampard revealed he had received offers from Premier League clubs.

Lampard, 38, is not yet ready to retire despite his stint with New York City finishing at the end of last year.

The three-time Premier League winner said he wanted to keep playing, with opportunities having arrived from numerous top-flight clubs.

"I don't want to leave and think to myself, 'Maybe I should have stayed a bit longer.' I'm dwelling on it," Lampard told The Daily Mail.

"I have turned down a few Premier League offers.

"But the fact is, after being at Chelsea for so long and a year with Manchester City, I don't want to get involved in a relegation dogfight."

Lampard scored 15 goals in 31 games in MLS, showing he was still capable of performing.

However, he said no offer of significant interest to him had arrived just yet.

"It's late January now and to try and get fit and then get into a team and make a massive impact ... I don't feel I could give enough," Lampard said.

"I just want to make sure I make the right decision. I've appreciated getting options at 38.

"If something comes along that floats my boat, who knows? But nothing has, so we will see."

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