Ballr continues - sign up now

By Azmin Mohd Khalib 30 March 2017 438
Ballr continues - sign up now
Ballr was officially launched last week, so how did it go?

Various Malaysians have made off with Premier League football jerseys, so well done to those who won. A special congratulations goes out to one Malaysian player who managed to secure the top spot globally from all countries playing!

Congratulations Syahrul Nellis who won a Manchester United jersey autographed specially by Wayne Rooney! I hope to feature him in an upcoming article so he can share with us some tips and tricks to succeed in the game.

Meanwhile, here’s some more tips from yours truly. I’m sure most of you who have played will have figured some of this out, but here’s what I can tell you now:

1. Internet connection must be strong! Believe me, it’s annoying when you wait till the last minute to select your next player, only for your connection to suddenly drop, upon which you spend the next five minutes glaring at your unfilled slot.

2. Your phone should have a good processor. Ballr is a live game and constantly refreshing. Lagging will not help your quest for prizes!

3. When your team is on the defensive, picking a striker that doesn’t track back is unlikely to score points unless they are fast on the counter attack.

4. Slot 9 and 18 will have 5 minutes plus whatever extra time is awarded by the ref. If your team is defending a lead, picking a defender might be better. If they’re chasing a winner, or a draw, then an attacker would be better.

5. Substitutes are always looking to make an impact whatever the game situation. Even when the manager brings in a defender to help defend a lead, their points will come in from all the defensive work so make sure you use them once they’re in.

6. Some players tend to be substituted more often than others. Make use of these players early in the second half before they get subbed off. It’s very annoying to select a player only to have him subbed off shortly after. I selected Mata for a slot, only to see him subbed off. I then spent the next few minutes insulting Mourinho!

7. There are NO points awarded for clean sheets. This is because the game is based on individual contribution. If your selected defender lasts five minutes without the team conceding, he won’t get points for that. He will get points for every defensive work he does though. To give you an idea of points scored: check this screenshot from my Beta trial:

Just like in normal fantasy football, goals scored by defenders are higher value.

Yes, your players can score zero points if they are not involved at all. And they can score negative points as well.

The worst negative points that can be awarded is own goals for goalkeepers and forwards, a whopping -646,674 points! It can easily change your high-scoring game into a pile of rubbish, so be very careful!

That’s it. A quick reminder: The Ballr app is also still in its infancy so make sure you update the app as and when updates are available. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, what are you waiting for? Download it now, on Google Play Store or Apple App Store!

See you soon, let’s see a Malaysian win a global award every week!

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