What’s Next for The Kuala Lumpur Hunters

By Adil Hisham 1 April 2017 809
What’s Next for The Kuala Lumpur Hunters

With their victory secured in The Legends Circuit (TLC) Spring 2017, the Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KLH) will now start to mobilize their efforts for a bigger stage. Their next target will be the Garena Premier League (GPL) which will comprise of teams from South East Asia.

Countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia will now compete at the GPL, in hopes to secure their spot for other upcoming international tournaments. The current GPL champion, the Saigon Jokers mustered an impressive display last year as they claimed the GPL title, beating all other teams with relative ease.

GPL participants for the Spring Split have longed fought for the top spot as it will enable them to further qualify to the Mid-Season Invitational, which is considered the second largest and prestigious event for League of Legends after the World Championship due in the second half of the year.

In football terms, though it isn't the World Cup, it's more like the European Championships (EURO), there's still a lot of honor, pride and bragging rights to be claimed.

With past achievements of only placing 4th in GPL, it looks like this year Kuala Lumpur Hunters seem to be in their best shape thus far.

“The current roster of KLH shows the most promise this year, this is definitely the time for them to shine on the international stage” said Jeffery Chan ex-manager of KLH and currently managing team Fire Dragoon, a local League of Legends team.

Another prominent figure, Garena eSports figurehead Dickson Lee commented that “With the rise of KLH in the GPL, more and more attention will be focused on the local eSports scene as it will be proof that Malaysia has the capacity to produce top quality League of Legends players who are ready to compete on the international stage. We’ve already had OzoraVeki, ex-captain of KLH moving over to Hong Kong, becoming the first local eSports talent to go and join an international team.

We wish the Kuala Lumpur Hunters the best of luck as they take on the international stage and hopefully, bring back the title of champions of GPL!


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