Tyloo wins 1st place at CS:GO Asia Minor by PGL and eGG

By Staff Writer 31 October 2016
Tyloo wins 1st place at CS:GO Asia Minor by PGL and eGG
The final day of the CS:GO Asia Minor by PGL and eGG was an amazing one thanks to Tyloo's spectacular performance, defeating three teams in a row and finally winning first place at the Asia Minor.

tyloo fancy1

Caption: fancy1 at Minor, photo from Tyloo's Weibo.

The first match of the day against MVP Project started off very well for Tyloo, with 39 kills in the first map on YuLun "fancy1" Cai, finally ending the match in overtime by 21-16. fancy1 carried on the momentum to the second match with 29 kills, ending MVP Project with 16-7.

vg minors

Caption: VG.Cyberzen at Minor, photo from VG.Cyberzen's Weibo.

The 2nd match of the day was the most exciting, with Tyloo up against their rivals VG.Cyberzen. These two China teams had an intense psychological battle, Cyberzen winning the first map through a comeback from Tyloo's 12-3 lead. Game 2 went into quadruple overtime, captain Mo being Tyloo's play maker and Savage on Cyberzen, this game was an even matching and stressful to watch. Both teams made several mistakes as the game went on. Finally Tyloo secured the win 36-33 on the 2nd map, moving onto the final Cobblestone with a 16-9 score, Tyloo being the better team proceeded to Renegades in the grand finals.

Being the favorites of this series, Renegades and Tyloo went head to head with Tyloo securing a 2-0 against the Australian favorites, winning them $30,000 for first placing. Renegades walk home with $15,000 and both teams secures a spot for the next major qualifiers.

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