Top Female Competitive Dota 2 Players in Asia

By Babyoling 20 February 2017 3411
Top Female Competitive Dota 2 Players in Asia
First came the announcement that female Chinese player Axx will join the Newbee roster; then came the news that Malaysian team Grills Gaming had won the champion title in the Female SEA League 4

For the past two months, the gaming community was abuzz with the realization of an active and ongoing female gaming scene in Asia, with a number of strong players to look out for.

Now that the scene is getting some long-overdue attention, we believe there are certain girls who deserve the spotlight for having worked hard for a long time, so to get you acquainted with the female Dota 2 scene, we’ve compiled a list some of the most skilled, active and aspiring competitive players from all over Asia! 

Most of these players participate in tournaments with their all-female teams, others take part in tournaments with mixed teams from time to time. Be sure to catch these girls in action!



Cherry "CherryStitch" Arishia


is the mid player of the strongest Indonesian female team, NXA Ladies. She has an MMR of 4.5K, and will be streaming in the future so stay tuned for her updates! Her signature heroes include Tinker and Invoker.

Dea “MatchaLatte” Aliya Azhar


Currently a member of team Beavers, MatchaLatte favours the mid and carry roles, with Windranger and Storm Spirit as her signature heroes. She’s also an avid tournament player, having achieved accolades such as 1st Place in both Mix Your Team LAN Tournament and Dota 2 ICE Ladies Tournament.



Mary “Merry” Rose Mindajao


is the 5.5K MMR midlaner of top Filipino female team Fire Vixens, who’s been active in the local competitive scene for almost 3 years now. Inspired by Sumail, her favourite hero is Storm Spirit.

Together with her team she had achieved 1st place in the female tournament at ESGS 2015 (a major event in the Philippines), and she has a firm belief that hardwork, patience and practice are key in her road to 7K!

Ivy “Tifa” Nuñez


is the carry player on the team Fire Vixens, and together with her team she’s achieved 3rd place in the Female SEA League 1 and a few more championships in female LAN tournaments in the Philippines, such as the Tric Dasma, Davao Cyber Expo and Xtreme Gaming Hub Girls Tournament.



Chutarat “Pink” Pongsitsak


A long-time member of top Thailand female team Vegetables Fish Fizz (VFF*), Pink is a versatile player who has a wide hero pool, with Mirana as her most-played hero. She also streams actively on Twitch. Together with VFF*, she has achieved the champion’s title in the Asian Cyber Games: Call for the Beauties in 2014.

Watusiri “Yaya” Tevavichulada


Formerly a member of Reality.Galz, Yaya had since joined Vegetables Fish Fizz (VFF*) as a core player. She’s often seen playing carry heroes like Luna, Spectre and Mirana. Her current Solo MMR is 4.6K, and she streams on Twitch from time to time, often playing in ranked games with pro players.



Xia “Axx” Bi


is an active streamer and personality in the Chinese Dota 2 community. She’s recently created Dota 2 history by being the first female to officially join a roster alongside known pro players such as Ferrari_430, ChuaN and xiao8, after achieving 1st place in the Dota Girls Super League (DGSL) with her female team, Miss Queen (MQ). She specializes in core roles (Mid and Offlane), with Shadow Fiend and Invoker as her signature heroes.

With a solo MMR as high as 7K, she’s likely the strongest female Dota 2 player there is in the competitive scene.

Lili “Lilith” Li


was a participant on the famous Chinese Dota 2 reality show “Road to Star”, and also a streamer. She’s played on a team called S.M.G Pro in the Dota Girls Super League (DGSL). She has a solid solo MMR of 5.5K and is known to be a versatile player with a wide hero pool.



Lyn Xhin “Shizuma” Tan


is the only female player in Southeast Asia who’s had ample experience playing on competitive teams alongside male pro players. She had been on many female and mixed team since the start of her career in DotA 1, such as PMS Asterisk*, Team Underminer and the Orange Academy Team (alongside Ohaiyo).

She had recently been recruited to join Grills Gaming as their offlaner.

Stephanie “auroraa” Lim Yuen Lii


is the captain, drafter and midlaner of the top Southeast Asian female team Grills Gaming. Boasting a solo MMR of 5.5K and Mirana as her best hero, she had just led her team to a 1st place victory in the Female SEA League 4. She is often seen playing in Battlecup or ranked games with pro players.

This may not be a complete list that covers all the talented players from every Asian country, but at the very least we hope it will serve as an introduction to the female competitive gaming scene in the region.

Feel free to let us know if there are any more skilled female competitive players out there who deserve a mention – we might do a part two soon!

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