The Boston Major

By Staff Writer 4 October 2016 85
The Boston Major

Valve has just released information about the first Major of the 2016/2017 Dota 2 season. It will be presented by PGL – arguably one of the best eSports event organiser out there. Here are some important dates:

Open Qualifiers: October 23 – 26
Regional Qualifiers: October 27 – 30

Group Stage: December 3 – 4
Main Event: December 7 – 10

The Main Event will be held in Wang Theatre in Boston, USA, roughly a month after the US Presidential elections. By then, either candidate or party would have cemented their spot in the higher echelons of the US government; so too would one team emerge as the strongest contender for being regarded as the best Dota 2 team for the new season. Furthermore, the prize pool of $3 million USD is also sizable and should prove to be a big incentive for teams to perform well.  

At MDL, we caught a glimpse of the promise many teams showed after the first squad shuffle window. Fans will also certainly be eager to see which team will adapt to each other and to the meta-game the quickest.

However, it is curious that the format for the Main Event is Single Elimination best-of-three, since Dota 2 fans are quite familiar with the Double Elimination bracket that has been hugely popular with this eSports. Regardless, early December will prove to be an exciting period, so mark your calendars, and prepare for exciting Dota 2. 

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