OG and Ad Finem will face off in the Grand Finals of Boston Major

By Staff Writer 10 December 2016 206
OG and Ad Finem will face off in the Grand Finals of Boston Major
The final day of Boston Major has been nothing less than exciting and full of surprises, with OG being one step closer to winning their third Major, and Ad Finem's hard work paying off, one BO5 series away from winning their first Major and Valve event.

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Overall, OG showed better team coordination and amazing setups from Gustav 's4' Magnusson, bagging the series 2-0 despite EG's efforts to secure an early game lead in both games.

Ad Finem on the other hand, constantly coming up with surprising drafts. The Enigma last pick and its amazing executing and positioning basically won Ad Finem their first game of the series, also bagging the second game with a ton of map control with the Bounty Hunter and Nyx Assassin. They broke DC's constant 2-0 streak in the Major and qualified to the grand finals of the Boston Major, gaining more and more fans as they roll.

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The BO5 will be played out in a bit, will OG be the first in the world to win 3 majors, or will Ad Finem prove themselves the new stars of Dota 2? Join ODPixel and Merlini as they bring you through the BO5 grand finals of the Boston Major now!

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