Mushi and Ohaiyo: Brothers-In-Arms Finally Part Ways

By Babyoling 8 February 2017 5693
Mushi and Ohaiyo: Brothers-In-Arms Finally Part Ways

Mushi and Ohaiyo: Brothers-In-Arms Finally Part Ways

Fnatic has announced the departure of long-time player and captain Mushi on Tuesday.


It’s been a long while since Mushi and Ohaiyo last parted ways in their Dota 2 competitive career.


Ohaiyo had been quoted in many interviews describing Mushi as a “mentor” who’s often provided guidance and advice to him.




Long-time Comrades


The first time Mushi and Ohaiyo went their own separate ways was post-TI3, after the legendary Orange Esports team achieved 3rd place in the International 2013. Mushi departed from the roster right after the tournament.


L to R: Mushi, Net, Kyxy, Xtinct, Ohaiyo

After his short stint in China with Team DK, Mushi returned home in 2014 and formed Team Malaysia alongside his old Orange teammates who had just left Titan Esports, including Ohaiyo. The team was picked up by EHOME and later Fnatic.

A few roster changes later, Mushi and Ohaiyo were all that remained from the initial lineup.


The duo had stuck together since, braving through thick and thin and achieving several respectable placings in the International with different lineups.

Fnatic: Roster Changes Over the Years


There have been many changes to the Fnatic team roster over the years, and not without controversy as some players departed when the team seems to be doing well.


Past players that have competed alongside Mushi and Ohaiyo officially on the Fnatic roster.


Net was removed from the Fnatic roster in 2016 after a reasonably successful season.

Being one of the most high-profile Dota 2 players in Southeast Asia, it’s widely believed that Mushi is the reason why Fnatic decided to sponsor a SEA team in the first place. However he had also received flak and criticism from the community for some of his decisions to remove players from his team.

Over the years, Ohaiyo stood out as the one player who would always compete alongside Mushi.



Possible Reason for Mushi’s Departure


Malaysians were hyped to support their home team Fnatic in the recently concluded ESL One Genting 2017 tournament, yet amidst cheers of local Dota 2 fans the team crashed out of the tournament in the earliest round.

What followed then was player departures, and news of Fnatic pulling out of upcoming major tournaments due to having an incomplete roster – it was all in all an unsuccessful season for the Dota 2 team.

As 2017 approaches, the future was beginning to look bleak for Mushi and Ohaiyo as it came to the point once again where they’re left looking for players to complete the roster.

It came as a surprise to most Dota 2 fans that Mushi should be the one to depart Fnatic, as he’s the captain and decision maker on the team.


It’s been two and a half years since the duo had last parted ways.

With Mushi departing the organization, one can only speculate that it’s his own decision to leave, perhaps out of disappointment from the team’s lacklustre performance in recent months, and possibly a difference in opinions as his long-time comrade Ohaiyo since the latter stayed on with the organization alongside Korean player Febby.




We do not know what will happen to the Fnatic Dota 2 team now that Mushi is no longer around, but in the interests of the organization, Ohaiyo will most likely take over the baton and look for 3 more player to join him and Febby in the upcoming competitive season.


Mushi said in a statement that he’s unsure about his future plans, yet looking forward to a new environment. As there’s no mention of retirement or a break, he’ll most likely be on the lookout for a new team to join.

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