Malaysian Female Team clinched 1st Place in the Female SEA League

By Babyoling 24 January 2017 652
Malaysian Female Team clinched 1st Place in the Female SEA League
Malaysian Dota 2 team Grills Gaming had just clinched the Champion's title in the Female SEA League (FSL) 4, after winning a nail-biting series in the Grands Finals against team DIA from Thailand on Sunday night with a score of 2-1.

Grills Gaming at the Mineski Esports Arena after the grand finals. 

Grills Gaming (abbreviated as GG) features an all-Malaysian lineup captained by Stephanie "auroraa" Lim. Members include Bette "istarx" Chia, Tiffani "Oling" Lim, Wei Sian "TimunSama" Wong and Nicole "Catosaurus" Lim.

Team History

The team was first formed in 2015 as team Half-Bloods for the Malaysia Cyber Games, during which they went up against ADTR and KecikImba's team "Malay All Star" on the main stage. After a few bouts of roster changes, Bette "istarx" Chia and Nicole "Catosaurus" Lim became the latest additions to the team. The players were also seen competing in mixed teams at local tournaments such as the Selangor Cyber Games and Dew Challenge.

The team signed up as Grills Gaming to compete in the Female SEA League 4 later in 2016 as the only Malaysian team in the league.

GG Team Photo 2
Grills Gaming: auroraa (top left), istarx (bottom left), TimunSama (middle), Catosaurus (top right), Oling (bottom right)

Team Players

GG.Auroraaaaa (Captain)

Stephanie "auroraa" Lim, the captain and drafter of Grills Gaming. She plays the mid role in-game, breezily owning games with a mean Invoker or Shadow Fiend.


Tiffani "Oling" Lim, also known as Babyoling. She plays the hard support role in GG, often performing clutch saves in teamfights with her Dazzle or Vengeful Spirit.


Wei Sian "TimunSama" Wong, the roaming support player with a sharp game sense. She's known for her spot-on ganks with her signature Lion and Earthshaker.


Bette "istarx" Chia, who plays carry for GG, is known for her ability to flash farm and carry the team with a full-slotted hero, such as Luna or Phantom Assassin.


Nicole "Catosaurus" Lim plays the offlane role for GG. Well-executed ultimates from her Faceless Void or Tidehunter have often led her team to a comeback or victory.

On Female Teams and the Victory

GG Team Photo 1

"Over the years I've played in many female teams, and more often than not it's plagued with issues. First you have the attitude problems, as girls have the tendency to overreact to criticism, hindering team improvement in games. That aside, it's tough to find girls who share the same goals and visions - it's just too easy to let the attention get to your head before you actually achieve anything. Then you need to consider commitments such as studies and work, also the geographical factor - if you can play or train together on LAN. 

For the longest time we were hard pressed to find five like-minded and skilled girls to join our team, yet we kept stubbornly clinging on to our pride that it has to be a full-female lineup.

So now you know why there are so few female teams out there, and thus why this champion title means so much to each of us. The moment of victory, when the opponent's throne was destroyed, the five of us screamed in unison and slammed our fists on the table. And we turned around to see our coaches who came down to surprise us, beaming proudly at us outside the booth. And that was it... by far the most unforgettable moment in my life.

- Tiffani "Oling" Lim

The Tournament

The Female SEA League 4 is an all-female Dota 2 competition that started in September 2016. 23 teams played weekly matches in the double round-robin format groupstage, leading up to a single-elimination playoffs between the top 4 teams in January 2017.

Notable participants include NXA from Indonesia, Vegetable Fish Fizz (VFF) from Thailand, Asterisk* from Singapore and Mint AU from Australia.

Members of Grills Gaming will each receive a router worth SGD$539 sponsored by Linksys, and a full set of gaming gears sponsored by Creative BlasterX.

For more information, check out the Female Dota 2 Facebook Page.

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