Kuala Lumpur Hunters Reign Supreme in Malaysian eSports

By Aiman Sabri 31 March 2017 1335
Kuala Lumpur Hunters Reign Supreme in Malaysian eSports
Malaysia had recently crowned the Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KLH) Champions of The Legend Circuit (TLC) Spring 2017 during the Grand Finals in Prangin Mall, Penang.

In the state’s biggest eSports event thus far, the champions walked away with a cash prize total of RM 40,000 and also became the international representatives for Malaysia in the upcoming SEA-tier tournament, Garena Premier League (GPL) for League of Legends. 

Top teams from the GPL will go on to qualify into international tournaments such as MSI, The International Wildcard and World Championship.

The Kuala Lumpur Hunters defeated their rivals and no.1 contender to the throne, pulling out all stops in a convincing 3-0 victory despite team Swestic’s best efforts. All eyes were on youngster Kirino from team Swestic who has become one of Malaysia’s youngest and brightest talent in the community as many had expected he would be the catalyst to defeating the Kuala Lumpur Hunters. Though Kirino performed spectacularly, he was unable to stop the war machine which was KLH.

Under the guidance of experienced eSports manager Crowe, the likes of Shiro, Qaspiel, Arrhedge, CO4 and Bipolar were able to consistently defeat their opponents before the match had even begun much like the impact football managers such as Ferguson, Wenger and Mourinho have on their team’s performance prior to a match.

KLH manager Luqman “Crowe” Abdullah commented “The journey has been rough, we've had countless hours of scrims and practice matches but it was all worth it because at the end of the day, we all love the game and to be given the title as the no.1 team in Malaysia is a great honour”

Garena League of Legends Product Manager, Justin Lye also commented that “Consistency has always been the greatest challenge for professional eSports teams. KLH displayed just that with their convincing 3-0 win over their opponents during the TLC Grand Finals. We look forward to seeing them perform in the upcoming Garena Premier League and hope that they will make all of Malaysia proud.”

Below is the highlight video for The Legend Circuit 2017



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