A New Journey in Dota 2: 7.00 - The biggest changes

By Staff Writer 12 December 2016 188
A New Journey in Dota 2: 7.00 - The biggest changes
Dota 2 will be launching a new update, 7.00 and has introduced a totally different approach to Dota 2. 

While there have been people who celebrated this fresh outlook, there are people who showed displeasure as well, but nevertheless, being in 6.xx got almost 10 years, we believe that it's time for a change too. A good change.

Here are some of the biggest changes in Dota 2:

Monkey King - A New Hero
Sun Wukong the Monkey King is an agility hero, with a very interesting skill set to boot. Mischief allows Monkey King to shape shift into different items according to him surroundings, like morphing into runes, couriers, or even trees.

New HUD and extra backpack, new map terrain:

Aside from the new hero, the entire in-game interface has been modified and redesigned. There is also an additional backpack for every player to store 3 more items. These items are not active but can be switched into your main inventory.

Aside from the interface, Valve has changed the map as well. All the jungle paths are changed, and neutral camps and the Roshan pit has been relocated. All the warding spots are also different, while new Ancient camps have been placed in as well. Bounty runes appear in jungles, while power runes appear between the river.

There are five new Shrines in base that allows regeneration, and two more on each side of the map, located near each Secret Shop and another near the new Ancients camp. Allied heroes can right-click to activate it, generating a 500 AoE aura that lasts for 5 seconds. They do not grand vision and can be attacked after all tier two towers are destroyed. Each shrine provide 150 gold when taken down.

New Gameplay - the talent tree and new ultimate levels

Now this is where things get challenging. Hero attribute points have been removed and a talent tree is added for each hero, a total of four talent points open every 5 levels, from 10, 15, 20, and 25. There are always two to choose from each level, and it differs from hero to hero.
The new ultimate levels are 6/12/18.

Other tweaks:

Phantom Lancer, Anti-Mage, Chaos Knight and Riki receive Aghanim upgrades, while Zeus and Crystal Maiden have reworked Aghanim upgrades. Treant Protector, Techies, Lycan and Necrophos have been temporarily removed from Captains Mode while Underlord and Arc Warden have been added in.

You can read more about the update here.

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