90's Gaming emerge as champions of DOTA LAH! Season 1

By Staff Writer 18 October 2016 74
90's Gaming emerge as champions of DOTA LAH! Season 1
The DOTA LAH! Season 1 hosted by eGG Channel ended the past weekend, with 90's Gaming's triumph against Mineski-X, closing in as the runner-up of the tournament. 

In the BO5 series, 90's Gaming knocked out Mineski-X 3-0, proving themselves to be worthy opponents to the favorites of the tournament. Ex-Arrow Gaming captain Johnny drafted well against the veterans, with the rest of the team showing excellent synergy and teamwork executing the drafts.

Our top 4 teams had a rough start, beating 512 teams from around the SEA region to finally play at the Mineski Esports Arena the past weekend.

Throughout the tournament, Rex Regum Qeon had pulled out several strategies that strayed from their comfort zone. After going through difficult battles against Mineski-X and First Departure, the Indonesian team had to settle for 4th placing.

First Departure had a rocky start in day 1, not being able to keep up with the constant pressure from 90's Gaming fast paced strategy and a few misplayed team fights. In day 2 however, they were more composed and were able to come back as a team against RRQ, and even win game 1 in the series against 90's Gaming. 

90's Gaming played better as a team throughout the whole tournament, the momentum from winning in the losers bracket further bringing them forward to victory.

We'll be hosting our second season of DOTA LAH! very soon, so stay tuned!

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