10 Players Who’re Most Likely to Join the New Fnatic Roster

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10 Players Who’re Most Likely to Join the New Fnatic Roster
Fnatic has always been one of the top teams and powerhouse in the Southeast Asian region, so ever since the series of high-profile player departures in early-2017, the community has been abuzz with discussions and rumors of who will join the new Fnatic roster.

Player Departures

Following a disappointing run in the ESL One Genting tournament, Muhammad "inYourdreaM" Rizky and stand-in Wei Poong “YamateH” Ng left the Fnatic roster.

And soon after in February, long-time Fnatic captain Yee Fung “Mushi” Chai too announced his departure from the team in an abrupt manner. The remaining two players Chong Xin “Ohaiyo” Khoo and Yong-min “Febby” Kim then went on a hiatus, sitting out of all recent tournaments as they began their search for players to complete the roster.
Only Febby and Ohaiyo remain on the Fnatic roster.

At the present time, the Fnatic Dota 2 roster has Ohaiyo in the offlane role and Febby as one half of the support duo, which means they will be looking for a mid, a carry and a support player.

With ex-captain Mushi absent from the new roster, that also opens up the possibility of some ex-players returning to join forces with Ohaiyo, which might be exciting to some long-time SEA Dota fans.

10 Players Who’re Most Likely to Join the New Fnatic Roster

1. Sunyeob "QO" Kim (Mid)

Following the disbandment of ppd’s NA Qualifier team WanteD, QO is now a free agent. As Febby’s old comrade in MVP Phoenix and a highly-skilled mid player, we think he’s one of the top candidates who might join Fnatic in 2017.

2. Djardel "DJ" Mampusti (Support)

DJ was the star player of the 2016 Fnatic roster that placed fourth at TI6. He made a decision to return home to the Philippines afterwards in order to accompany his family, and he was last seen playing on his old team Execration. After the short break and Execration’s lacklustre performance in the Kiev SEA Qualifiers, it’s highly possible that DJ will consider returning to join Ohaiyo for yet another competitive season.

3. Galvin "Meracle" Kang (Carry)

Meracle was last seen playing in team Mineski for the Kiev SEA Qualifiers, but he was not part of the newly-announced roster led by Mushi, making him a free agent at the current time. With his strong individual skills as a core player and taking into account the fact that he used to team with Ohaiyo back in Titan, we believe that he’s one of the top candidates to join the new Fnatic roster.

4. Adam “343” Shah (Support)

Yet another player who was part of the successful TI6 Fnatic roster, Adam played for team B)ears in the Kiev EU Qualifiers. The team did not qualify for the major, and we’re not sure if he will choose to stay in EU or return to Malaysia once again. Once the drafter for Fnatic back in 2016, his knowledge and ability as a strategist might just be what the new Fnatic needs after Mushi’s departure.

5. Wei Poong “YamateH” Ng (Mid)

Previously a stand-in for Fnatic during ESL One Genting and last seen playing in the Kiev SEA Open Qualifiers with team New Beginning, YamateH is old friends with Ohaiyo since Orange times and without doubt one of the strongest mid players in SEA. We’re excited to see if this Dota legend will return to Fnatic as an official player this time.

6. Wai Pern “Net” Lim (Support)

Net’s high-profile departure from Fnatic had caused a huge stir in the Dota 2 community back in 2016, and he was last seen playing in team White Fries Gaming alongside hyhy. Though there might still be some bad blood between him and the management, with Mushi absent from the new roster there’s a chance that legendary support player Net might return to the team.

7. Joel “Xtinct” Chan (Support)

Once part of the legendary SEA support duo with Net, Xtinct is also an old friend of Ohaiyo’s. He was last seen playing under the Mineski Malaysia banner in the Kiev SEA Qualifiers together with Mushi and Kyxy. We’re unsure of his upcoming plans, but it’s always exciting to speculate the possibility of the legendary support duo reunited under the Fnatic banner, though in which case a role switch might become necessary.

8. Hock Chuan “ChuaN” Wong (Support)

One of the most popular Dota 2 players, ChuaN is without doubt a valuable asset to any organization looking to pick him up. Ever since he announced his retirement, ChuaN’s whereabouts have been a topic of debate and concern amongst fans. He was last seen playing with Ferrari_430 and Axx in team Newbee.Boss, but since the team was said to be for “entertainment purposes”, we’re excited to see if he will return to join the Malaysian team after his semi-break from the competitive scene.

9. Pipat "LaKelz" Prariyachat (Carry)

LaKelz is known to be one of the best carry players in SEA with solid individual skills, and was last seen coaching top Thai team Trust. Should Fnatic be looking for strong core players, putting the potential language barrier aside, LaKelz is definitely one of the prime candidates.

10. Jio "Jeyo" Madayag (Carry)

A veteran player, Jeyo was last seen playing in team WanteD together with ppd and QO before its disbandment, which means he’s a free agent. He used to be active in the Korean and SEA Dota 2 scenes due to his Filipino heritage, so there’s definitely a possibility that he will return to SEA should there be an offer from Fnatic.

Other than some of these more prominent names that come to mind, we’re sure there are other players whose names might have came up in Fnatic’s internal discussions, perhaps high-MMR ‘pubstars’ such as Malaysian player AlaCrity and Singaporean player tmt. As much as we’re excited to see the return of some of the best SEA players who have remained on good terms with Ohaiyo and Febby over time, we’re also eager to see if Fnatic is able to discover some new talents in their quest to complete the roster.

Who do you think will end up joining the new Fnatic roster?

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