Bayern announce record turnover of €626.8m

By Stefan Coerts 25 November 2016 122
Bayern announce record turnover of €626.8m

Bayern Munich have announced a record turnover of €628.8 million over the 2015-16 fiscal year.

The figure surpasses the previous year's €523.7m by more than €100m and represents the biggest turnover in the club's history.

The operating profit increased by an even greater margin, rising 28 per cent from €111.3 million to €142.5 million.

"The 2015-16 fiscal year has been fantastic for Bayern, in terms of both sports and finances. Our members, staff and friends of the club can be very proud," deputy chairman Jan-Christian Dreesen said.

"Bayern are in outstanding shape, operating at the highest Champions League level in financial terms. We are in a superb position. That has been the case for the last few years, and that is more than ever true for 2016.

"Our entrepreneurial objective is the maximisation of sporting success alongside financial prudence. Our increasing financial power will be used primarily to make the regular investments required in our first-team squad in order to ensure we remain competitive among the elite teams in Europe."

Bayern's figures were driven by income from sponsorship and marketing (€169.8m), merchandising (€108.2m), a transfer surplus (€34.8m) and income from TV rights marketing (€83.4m).

The impressive financial returns are a welcome contrast from the team's form on the pitch, Bayern's struggles under Carlo Ancelotti continuing with a 3-2 Champions League defeat at Rostov on Wednesday.

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