What you need to know about FIFA World Cup Fantasy

By Azmin Mohd Khalib 11 June 2018 2101
What you need to know about FIFA World Cup Fantasy
The official FIFA World Cup Fantasy game is now open! Time to get cracking as the tournament kicks off this Thursday.
The rules are fairly similar to Fantasy Premier League (FPL): a set number of transfers are allowed each round (minus four points for each extra transfer), you have a bench boost token, and pretty much the same points awarded for each item (e.g. defenders get more points for goals (six) than midfielders (five), who get more points than strikers (four)). You have one wildcard to use throughout the tournament, but you also have a chance to reset your whole team after the group stages end but before the elimination stages start. There are no bonus points, so bear that in mind.
However, the key difference is the moves you can do during a Matchday. In FPL, once a round’s deadline is past, you have nothing to do but wait till the round finishes. In the World Cup Fantasy game, you can make changes during an ongoing Matchday. These are:
1) Substitutions. If a player in your first eleven has played, you can still sub him off for a player on the bench if you feel your benched player could do better and score more points.
2) Captaincy: Just like the substitution rules, if your captain has played and done poorly, you can change your captaincy to a player that will play in the following day.
One of the main implications here is that you could set your captaincy to anyone for each day until you get a score you’re satisfied with in any particular Matchday. For example, if you think that Lionel Messi, who plays on June 16, will get the best score, you can always choose to captain someone playing in an earlier game (eg: Cristiano Ronaldo on June 15) first.
However, once you change your captaincy, you cannot change it back to someone who’s already played. So, using the previous example, you cannot move your captaincy from Messi back to Ronaldo. To a lesser extent, this warning applies to substitutions as well.
Another key difference from FPL is you also have one Maximum Captain booster for use. When used, the game automatically makes the highest scoring player from your final playing 11 as the captain, but you must activate it before a round starts. It might be good for you if your best player plays early in a Matchday.
With all that said, here’s the first draft of my fantasy team:

As you can see, I have no Messi, Ronaldo, or Neymar in my first draft. You will find that it’s almost impossible to include so many marquee players without decimating the rest of your squad because they are expensive!
Don’t take my word for it, though. What are you waiting for? Head over to https://fantasy.fifa.com/en/home, register to play, and try drafting a team.

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