UnderSiege: Smackdown Live superstars invade Raw and beat up entire roster

By 28 October 2017 1580
UnderSiege: Smackdown Live superstars invade Raw and beat up entire roster
#UnderSiege. That was the hashtag trending as superstars from Smackdown Live invaded Monday Night Raw and laid siege to the superstars from the red brand. Feuds on the blue brand were put on hold for the time being as Shane McMahon appeared on Raw at first alone to greet Kurt Angle, before later leading the Smackdown Live roster to attack anyone from the red brand, including production crew.
Led by McMahon, the blue brand roster came down from the terraces and surrounded the ring just as Kurt Angle was about to make the announcement of who would represent Raw at Survivor Series. The Raw GM’s facial expression was one of concern, and as he felt threatened, left the ring in a haste. McMahon, his opposing number on Smackdown Live, was not done, and ordered his superstars to search for him and take down any member of Raw.

Titus Worldwide were the first victims as they were surprised attack by The New Day. This was followed by Baron Corbin’s attack on a production team member who was preparing the stage for Raw to conduct their backstage interviews. The aforementioned Raw interview set was also not pardoned, as Bobby Roode ensured the TV and set came crashing down.

The Women’s Division was not spared either, as Alexa Bliss and Emma plus two makeup artists from Raw ran away just as Becky Lynch and her crew were about to demonstrate her Irish Lass Kicker persona. The Shield tried to jump on the members from Smackdown but the numbers game was too many for both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, even with the help of steel chairs.
Kurt Angle was finally dragged in by both Rusev and Corbin, and led to the see the destruction with his own eyes as a look of shock and trepidation on the Olympic Gold Medalist’s face left the usually well spoken man speechless.

It was one of the best endings on Raw in a very long time and it also allows for Raw to delay the announcement of the Survivor Series team by one week, giving time for the likes of Roman Reigns to recover from his bout of viral meningitis. The ending caught everyone in the WWE Universe by surprise and this is the perfect way to try and build up the last big pay per view on the WWE calendar, Survivor Series.

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