STATE OF SPORT: Kelantan with Tan Sri Annuar Musa

By 30 November 2015 76
STATE OF SPORT: Kelantan with Tan Sri Annuar Musa

Where else would the episode start if it wasn’t at the Sultan Mohammad IV Stadium in Kota Bharu as Annuar invites the hosts to catch one of Kelantan’s Malaysia Cup match against Felda United, live! Basking in the sea of red that surrounds every inch of the stadium’s 22,000 seating capacity, it was definitely a new found experience for those who have never attended a local football match at the stadium. Just the atmosphere in itself is enough to make any non-football fan feel the trip is worth-while with plenty of stalls to check out and the Red Warriors fans gathering for night prayers, just at the foot of the stadium before they shout their lungs out.

Enduring a 90-minute football match is one thing but just about anyone would be hungry after all that enthusiasm. The food trail takes State of Sport right across Annuar’s residency, Seripuri in Bukit Marak, to a restaurant that serves Eel Noodles (Maggi Belut). Obviously the everyday people would be expecting a Unagi (Japanese Eel) style of cooking and texture however, be prepared for the heat and the bizarre but oddly flavourful combination of eel and curry-flavoured noodles that proved to be too much for the hosts to guzzle down.

Aside from Bukit Marak’s famous Eel Noodles, the hosts were also exposed to other local delicacies namely Tumpang Rice (Nasi Tumpang) and Kerabu Rice (Nasi Kerabu), tweaking their taste buds accordingly to adapt to a three-day Kelantan exploration as well as learning that the Kelantanese do not take their breakfast lightly!

Apart from Annuar’s venture in football, he is also a well-respected former politician whom the citizens of Ketereh still look up to for assistance in various matters including the development of Islamic studies through the Darul Saadah Al-Quran Learning Centre, housing students and teachers alike in a chalet-living type of ambience. Located at Putra Chengal Camp, the learning centre is surrounded by lush greeneries with unique deco in the general compound which includes a collection of wild colourful birds, an abandoned dingy and is further enhanced by a body of river sheltering hundreds of fishes, making it a great fishing hole.

From undiscovered fishing holes to a beautifully secluded stretch of white sandy beach that has been the foundation to a vacationing spot, Villa Danialla. For many years tourists have dropped by from far and wide to experience a romantic and private getaway with stunning views. Matched by its stunning sunset, visitors can see the famous Perhentian Island from the shores of Tok Bali without having to squint. It doesn't hurt that the food is great too. From Vietnamese coffee to fresh seafood, the ingredients to everything served are hand-picked by the owner herself to ensure the visitors are comfortable in every aspect.

Watch Reuben and Nadia unlock all the hidden gems of Kelantan as they embark on a journey and get into the shoes of one of Kelantan's most prominent figure in football, Annuar Musa.

State of Sport premiers on Astro SuperSport beginning January 2016.

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