Nothing beats hosting the BPL - Adam C

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Nothing beats hosting the BPL  - Adam C
Q: Introduce yourself, and tell us a bit about what you do at Astro.

A: My name is Adam Carruthers. I currently host the Premier League for Astro Supersport, I host Gadget Nation on Astro Awani and I'm one third of the hitz fm Morning Crew !!

Q: How do you prepare yourself and what part of your job do you look forward to most each day?

A: For hitz, I wake up at 430am and I'm on air at 6am till 10am. The next few hours are spent preparing for the following day, doing gotcha calls etc. For my gadget show, I generally spend as much time as possible with the gadget(s).

For the Premier League, I spend most of the week listening to podcasts, reading articles and so forth. On match day, I'm in a few hours beforehand, preparing and getting my stats ready.

Of course, nothing can beat hosting a huge match, not just in the Premier League, but also in other competitions like the World Cup.

Q: What was your earliest/favourite memory of supporting your favourite team? 

A: I've been a Spurs fan since I was 8 years-old. During Euro 96, which England hosted, there was an unbelievable atmosphere around the UK during the course of the tournament. It of course helped that England went rather far! A great time to be a fan.

Q: Describe the moment you met Christian Eriksen. Elaborate on what was going through your mind.

A: All I remember was that he was much taller than I expected. I've just always been drawn to the club from early on.

Q: Who do you think will win these competitions? Barclay's Premier League, FA Cup.

A: Chelsea will win the Premier League because they've got great players and a great tactician as a manager. I hope Liverpool win the FA Cup simply because I hope to see Steven Gerrard leave the English top-flight with one last piece of silverware. 

Q: What interests you the most about the U.K and its football culture? 

A: I got the chance to really understand how certain clubs have massive community and family aspects attached to them. You can see how, in a small area, clubs like West Brom are ingrained in the society of the area. 

Q: Describe your reaction of visiting the football stadiums in the U.K.

A: There was contrast of facilities for the clubs. We visited West Brom and Spurs and it was a magnitude of difference. Spurs being the richer club have an amazing new set up.

Q: Tell me about all the Hotspur kits that you have?

A: Quite a few but one thing I really like collecting goalkeeper kits. I've got quite a collection!

Q: Complete the sentence: If I were a footballer, I’d play like.... because.....

A: Peter Schmeichel! I grew up playing as a goalkeeper and he was my idol!

Q: What's one random thing you want to share from your last London/BPL trip?

A: I spent a decade in England but I could never decide on what to eat because there's an abundance of choices!

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