Kane or Salah for FPL Gameweek 36 captaincy?

By Azmin Mohd Khalib 28 April 2018 859
Kane or Salah for FPL Gameweek 36 captaincy?

This week, two Golden Boot contenders go up against two out of three worst defenses in the Premier League. What's not to like? While most teams are likely to have both Mohamed Salah (10.6m) and Harry Kane (12.9m) in their team, who will you captain? 

Here are the obvious points: 

  • Salah came off a midweek Champions League match, and plays away for the return leg later this week, Kane doesn’t. There is a slim chance that Salah gets benched, but I honestly don’t see that happening. 

  • Salah does not lead the line for Liverpool, Kane does. 

  • Salah doesn’t usually take penalties, Kane always does. 

  • Salah has one less match to play compared to Kane to add on to his goals. 

Fantasy football-wise: 

  • Salah gets a clean sheet point, Kane doesn’t.  

  • Salah gets five points for a goal, Kane only gets four.  

  • Salah has managed 21 bonus points in total, but Kane has collected 29. 

The less obvious points: 

  • While both teams play at home, Liverpool have scored 41 goals at home, nine goals more than Tottenham at Wembley.  

  • At home, Kane has scored 11 goals and assisted two, while Salah has 18 goals and seven assists. 

  • Kane’s teammates are more likely to help him get the goals than Salah. 

  • Liverpool’s opponent Stoke City have conceded 37 goals away, while Spurs’ opponent Watford have conceded 30 away. 

  • Stoke are fighting to survive the Premier League, Watford are almost confirmed safe. Stoke will go all out to prevent Liverpool from scoring much, particularly when they are quite poor and finding the net themselves. 

  • One of Salah’s partner-in-crime, Sadio Mane, is now injured, and Alex Ox is out for the season, impacting Salah’s supply line. Having said that, there’s always James Milner. 

  • Salah is likely to get subbed early, something unlikely to happen with Kane. 

And of course: 

  • Kane is willing to appeal to get goals. Sorry, couldn’t resist that one. 


Weighing all those factors, if you have both these players this week, I would give the captaincy to Kane. He is also clearly more motivated, and has made his intentions quite clear.  

Moving on, another match that you should focus on is Manchester United versus Arsenal. This will effectively be Arsene Wenger’s last big Premier League match with the Gunners. Will the team mobilise and put in a shift to remember? They have not helped themselves after their midweek match against Atletico Madrid, especially after Diego Simeone’s men went down to ten men, and have put themselves in far greater pressure.  Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho is not one to be generous, and with the FA Cup final quite a while away, is likely to field a strong Manchester United team.  

Are there any strong picks to consider for this match?  Frankly, speaking I strongly expect some key Arsenal players to be rested for the crucial Atletico Madrid match, regardless of the occasion. That would include Mesut Ozil, Aaron Ramsey and Laurent Koscielny, which should give the advantage to Manchester United, although Danny Welbeck might play and will of course be eager to do well. 

I would field David De Gea (5.9m), for a good chance of a clean sheet. He is also likely to rack up the saves as Manchester United’s defense are likely to shut the Arsenal attack down and force them to shoot from distance. 

An unorthodox pick would be Juan Mata (6.8m). He did not play in the last Premier League match, and was benched for the FA Cup tie. It’s a risk, and his last goal was before Christmas, but against the distracted Arsenal midfield, he could run the show.  

And of course, there’s Alexis Sanchez (11.5m). He’ll be obviously out to prove that he made the right move transferring to Manchester United, and although he has yet to reach his previous explosive style when playing for Arsenal, he has found some form of late. He’s still guilty of plenty of misplaced passes though and has admitted finding it tough with Manchester United. The main problem is squeezing him in when your team has both Harry Kane and Mohamed Salah, which could damage the rest of the team quality. 

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