Android rejoins the Ballr party

By Azmin Mohd Khalib 25 August 2017 1367
Android rejoins the Ballr party
Android users, start your engines… iOS users, your honeymoon is over! Ballr is now back on Android, so head over to the Google Play Store and download the latest update. (Note: If you have a message saying ‘invalid token’, don’t get riled up, they’re not forcing you to buy tokens to play the game. Try uninstalling and reinstalling, that worked for me.) By the way, you can now login using Facebook.

This week the matches for Malaysians to focus on are:
1) Bournemouth (EPL jersey) vs Manchester City (Signed Man City shirt)
2) Manchester United (signed Mata jersey) vs Leicester (EPL jersey)
3) Chelsea (EPL jersey) vs Everton (EPL jersey)
4) Liverpool (EPL jersey) vs Arsenal (EPL jersey)
There are also global prizes; for Bournemouth and Manchester United, it’s a signed Juventus shirt by Buffon. For Chelsea, it’s an Eden Hazard signed boot, and for Liverpool, it’s a Steven Gerrard signed boot! And this week, we have this again:

Very very tantalizing indeed! It’s prizes galore and the field is going to be a wee bit more crowded than the first two weeks. Every point counts, so make sure you’re able to fill all 18 slots (nine slots x two halves) to give yourself a fighting chance.
Here are three tips as we head into the last weekend before the international break.
Tip #1: Don’t give up too quickly
Just because you miss out on points for the first goalscorer, don’t give up too quickly because you never know what might happen! There’s always a chance of catching up, especially if more goals are scored later on. Remember, if those picking, say, Romelu Lukaku to score in the 6th – 10th minute slot and he does, they will not be able to pick him again later. Who knows, he might just score two in the 36th – 40th minute slot, and you are the only one to have him. So, don't give up!
Tip #2: Don’t underestimate goalkeepers and non-goal scoring defenders
Even if they don’t score goals they are easily capable of racking up points, especially in slow build-ups. And picking them when their goal is under heavy siege can certainly yield dividends, especially if they repel successfully. Non-spectacular points could easily be the difference between winning a prize or finishing just outside the spots.
Tip #3: Block calls during a match
Okay, this one’s a bit controversial, but hear me out. I know at least two players who were doing very well in a match last season but had to deal with an incoming call during the second half of the game. Both ended up missing a slot which cost them their lead, and, for one of them, points from a goal!
Good luck this week. And just because it’s international break, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s nothing to be won. Ballr are perfectly capable of having impromptu competitions (such as last season’s Select the Combined Best 11 from Real Madrid and Barcelona Competition!). All the best this weekend, and may your phone be fully charged and your data plentiful.

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