Young players want Dwyane Wade to practice more - Taj Gibson

By Kirstie Chiappelli 30 January 2017 198
Young players want Dwyane Wade to practice more - Taj Gibson

Dwyane Wade's presence at the Chicago Bulls is needed now more than ever.

In the wake of the Bulls' mini-drama that played out between big-name trio Wade, Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo on social media, the team held a meeting on Friday to address their issues.

According to veteran forward Taj Gibson, one of the biggest problems is that the younger players would like to see more of Wade on the court at practice.

"That's one of the things in the meeting; young guys just want a little bit more from him," Gibson told ESPN, noting that Wade practiced on Saturday. "And he brung it. He pushed the young guys. And that's a sign that that meeting did a little something.

"It's all about positive. We're not trying to have any negative aspects, anything like that. We've got everybody against us right now. The only people who are going to help us out of this is ourselves. And we understand that."

Wade and Butler started Friday's loss to the Miami Heat on the bench as punishment for their comments following Wednesday's defeat against the Atlanta Hawks. 

Butler told reporters in the aftermath of the match that the Bulls "don't play hard all the time".

Meanwhile, Wade called out some of his team-mates for not caring about winning, saying: "I can't be frustrated and I can't care too much for these guys. [They] have to care for themselves."

Rondo then interjected on Thursday, making a lengthy post on Instagram in which he seemed to aim criticism at Butler and Wade for their comments to the media.

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