WATCH: Curry helps Warriors fan scoop $5,000 prize

By Nicholas McGee 26 February 2017 385
WATCH: Curry helps Warriors fan scoop $5,000 prize

Stephen Curry was far from generous to the Brooklyn Nets on Saturday, but he did help a Golden State Warriors fan scoop a large amount of cash.

Two-time NBA MVP Curry scored 27 points to lead the Warriors to a routine 112-95 win over the lowly Nets, but his highlight of the night arguably came during a timeout.

A Warriors fan was handed the chance to win money by playing a makeshift version of skee-ball on court during the break.

Seeing the supporter struggling Curry stepped in and aided her cause, catching her last attempt - which was worth double - and placing it in the bin marked $2,500 to net her $5,000.

Curry chipped in with five assists during the game, but none was more important than that one during a break the lucky fan will never forget.

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