Wade ‘lost a little vision’ because of game-ending migraine

By Bob Hille 29 December 2016 216
Wade ‘lost a little vision’ because of game-ending migraine

Dwyane Wade was forced from the Chicago Bulls' 101-99 win over the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday because of a migraine that affected his vision.

The All-Star guard left the match in the fourth quarter, the second time in less than a week that he's been affected by a migraine.

"I had a headache before the game," Wade told reporters. 

"I took a fall in the second half. I didn't hit my head, but I guess the way my body jerked and reacted, it kind of triggered my headache back. 

"I lost a little vision in [my] eye. So I came out on the court, couldn't see the rim. 

"My wife was talking, I couldn't see her. So I decided to come out and come in the back and put ice on my neck and take some medicine, get my neck massaged because it's muscular when it happens like that."

Wade, who scored 16 points in 23 minutes before exiting, missed last Friday's shootaround because of a migraine but was able to play later against the Charlotte Hornets that night.

"There's different levels of migraines," Wade said in comparing the two incidents

"I'm not out of the clear, so [Wednesday] could be a tough night for me. Hopefully it's not, but it's different levels. 

"I could explain it all day, but just know it's not a good thing. It affects more than just your head. It affects your body, it affects your energy, it affects your eyes. It affects your attitude, of course. So there's a lot of different levels of migraines. It's unfortunate."

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