The Warriors aren't just dominating, they're building an empire

By Alec Brzezinski 3 July 2018 16
The Warriors aren't just dominating, they're building an empire

The Warriors aren't sitting on past success, they aren't comfortable staying in neutral, and they certainly won't let a certain in-state team hog all the spotlight this offseason.

Having won three of the last four NBA championships, some of them in convincing fashion, one might think Golden State was happy with its roster. 

Think again.

According to multiple reports, the Warriors agreed to a one-year deal with center DeMarcus Cousins on Monday, giving them five All-Stars in their starting lineup.

Up until Monday evening, the basketball world was drooling with the news of LeBron James signing with the Lakers. It was going to be Los Angeles vs. Golden State in a thrilling Western Conference final.

The Warriors no doubt heard the news and decided to create shock waves themselves, scooping up arguably the second best free agent on the market, thus giving them a starting lineup an All-Star squad would envy.

Super teams have really changed the NBA — some would say for the worse — but either way they are here, and the Warriors are winning the new-age NBA. Drafting guys like Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson lain the groundwork for a successful franchise. Then, with the way the salary cap works, the Warriors were able to add Kevin Durant two offseasons ago to really make them potent on both ends of the court.

Cousins reportedly signed a one-year deal worth just over $5 million. The team-friendly contract is one part due to Cousins ending last season in January with a torn Achilles tendon, and another part because he likely was willing to take a smaller offer for an almost guaranteed championship ring.

Like any empire, the Warriors have the ability to offer players something other teams cannot. They can point to three championship trophies from the last four years, a roster with almost the same players from a year-to-year basis and capture stars who want a ring on their resume. No other team in sports can do that right now, and few have ever been able to, period.

Just so everyone can see it on paper, the Warriors' starting lineup for next season now looks like this:

Stephen Curry
Klay Thompson
Kevin Durant
Draymond Green
DeMarcus Cousins

No, that's not the projected Western Conference All-Star roster (though it could be), that's just one team. Good teams come along in any sport, some lasting multiple seasons while others crumble after one. The Warriors are doing something never before seen in a salary cap-run league, and they aren't showing any signs of slowing down.

Everyone in Golden State's starting five can shoot, create their own shot, create for others, rebound and defend. Simply put, they have no weakness. Is there really any point in playing the 2018-19 NBA season? 

The Warriors have already won.

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