Rhode Island coach Dan Hurley 'could give two craps' about job openings

By Gabrielle McMillen 18 March 2018 256
Rhode Island coach Dan Hurley 'could give two craps' about job openings

Rhode Island coach Dan Hurley isn't thinking about leaving his team.

Right after the Rams were bounced from the NCAA Tournament by Duke with an 87-62 loss, Hurley was asked about the UConn head coach opening. 

"Listen, I could give a crap about who's got an opening anywhere," Hurley said, via ESPN. "I haven't thought about it for a second. I could care less what any other school in the country that's looking for a coach or talks about me on social media — I could give two craps about that. My heart, my mind is with this program and these players that just lost a brutal game after having an amazing last couple seasons, and for me it's easy.

"These seasons are long and hard, and for me, I'm just going to go into hibernation for a day and physically and emotionally try to recover. These five-month journeys take a lot out of you."

Hurley reportedly is considered a frontrunner for the vacant UConn job and Pittsburgh is also interested in him taking over as its head coach.

"We all have agents in this business, and my agent was smart enough to have no contact with me while my season's going on because he knows who I am and what type of people my family is, and that's not typical of this business," Hurley said.

Hurley has been Rhode Island's head coach for six seasons, with the Rams going to the NCAA Tournament the past two years. He signed a seven-year deal extension last year with the Rams that would pay him a little over $1 million per year.

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